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Account hacking

2007-11-10 15:36:46 by BanaaniPaa

All the time I see ppl hacking others accounts...
Like now.
I got to inbox only messages from M-bot,
wich are all about "User review delete".
Oh yes, and they are all like style:
"Oh faggot worst movie I have ever seen.. fu u fag"
I hate all the hackers here,
but I think who have that been.
I think, that MADisti uses my account to make
me look like a clown.
And I know also why.
I know that he saw my password in library,
and now I have to get pains about it.
I know that that happens to everyone here.
And so I am goin' to say:
I hate it, and I hope that everyone hates that.


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2007-11-20 13:40:20

They're not hacking accounts. :-)

They're just sending EVERYONE the same PM.

Ignore them.


2007-12-27 09:15:03

Umm, I meaned that M-bot says that I have send messages like fuck u jackass.